SweepsPro Rate Plan Details

Selecting this account plan gets you free entries into our Internet Sweepstakes where you can win additional call time and cash. Play a demo of our games for free here.

How Does It Work?

For each dollar spent on this rate plan you get a free entry into our sweepstakes where you can play games to reveal the results of your entries. Results vary from winning nothing to winning grand prizes worth thousands of credits that can be redeemed for additional calling time or cash at the rate of $1 per credit. Redeeming your winning credits to buy more calling time will also give you more free credits to play at the rate of $1 per credit redeemed at no charge. Build your account balance up and get the opportunity to win grand prizes using our entertaining way of revealing your entry results.

How Do I Redeem My Winning Credits?

You can redeem your winning credits by going to the "Sweepstakes" tab in your Netagogo Control Panel when you are logged in here. You will see the balance of your free credits that you got when you bought calling time and you can see the credits you have won while playing our games to reveal your entry results. You have options to Redeem your winnings by converting them to dollars that will be put back on your credit card. You can also use your winning credits to add more time to your Netagogo account. The benefit to using your credits to buy more calling time is that you get one free entry into the sweepstakes for each credit you use to buy more calling time!

Competitive Rate Plans

View our competitive SweepsPro calling rates here.

Plan Details

  • Never dial a PIN code again. Your account is linked to one phone number for automatic account access.
  • Rates vary depending on which country you are calling and are generally higher than our other rate plans but lower than many of our competitors.
  • Automatic free entry into our internet sweepstakes contest where you can win additional call time or cash.
  • Manage your sweepstakes credits from your Netagogo account management Control Panel.
  • Online reporting & statements
  • View usage of each phone number
  • Recharge your account online in seconds


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